Is The New Unbound Thresh Skin Actually New?

Devon Schreiner
3 min readJul 7, 2021

I’m not normally going to write articles about new skin releases but it’s hard to stop myself when a new skin comes out for my favorite champion in the game!

Thresh, The Chain Warden, has a decent number of skins. Ten skins before this new one and not counting his base appearance. But that’s where this story gets a little interesting. Should the new skin be counted as a new skin?

Coming to your League of Legends client soon, in patch 11.15, along with all the other Ruined and Sentinel skins, summoners will soon be able to equip Unbound Thresh when they lock in as support.

New Unbound Thresh skin available in League of Legends Patch 11.15
Unbound Thresh available in Patch 11.15

This skin has been getting a lot of flack around the internet the last couple days for a couple different reasons. First for the fact that it’s not much different from Thresh’s traditional look. When compared to his standard appearance, it looks like he’s got a much lower cut shirt to show off his abs, as well as a very fine looking, human face.

Now we don’t know the cost of this particular skin yet, so we might get surprised that it’s simply unlockable by playing the game. At that point, I don’t think a lot of people would be complaining.

Thresh’s appearance before the Ruination.
Thresh before the Ruination

Another reason for a bit of backlash is the idea that this might be Thresh utilizing his power to resume his previous human form. Not something I would think he would do from some of the lore I’ve read, but I’m sure the Black Mist can do some weird things to your head.

But u/FrostyWiktur on Reddit also mentioned that if he is attempting to take his former human appearance, Thresh should be materializing his mustache and goatee.

EraiViolett posted a version of the new Unbound Thresh on Twitter including his original mustache and goatee. I have to say, I think I’m a fan.

I can understand the logic that if Thresh has as much power as he does, he has the ability to make himself look however he pleases. But I’m always ready for some more facial hair on my favorite champion!

Unbound Thresh “fixed” to include mustache and goatee.
Made by EraiViolett on Twitter

We’ll have to wait and see how much this skin costs to be able to make the determination of whether we think that it is worth the RP or not. But either way, I’m happy that my favorite boy continues to get the extra attention and love he deserves!



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