One Month Creating Videos! Here’s How It’s Gone!

I started creating video content again just over 30 days ago. In this video I go through my goal for the first 30 days, everything that I’ve done and accomplished so far, all the stats, what I’ve learned, and what my goals are for the next 30 days! Check out the timestamps below.

Want to start filming, editing, and creating videos on YouTube? Here’s what I’ve experienced in the first 30 days of trying to do just that.

Intro — I wanted to get back into making videos. Because 1. They are popular right now. 2. I have always loved video, wanted to try it again since I stopped years ago.

My goal this month was to practice coming up with as many different video ideas as possible and bring them to life. Practice filming, editing, and posting best practices.

After 1 month creating videos, here’s what I’ve done here’s what I’ve learned.

Things I have done — Created 10 videos, some reviews, recaps of my experience, top tips, a video recipe, unboxings, and a breaking news snippet.

I have now had practice in 2 different video editing software, recorded and edited with 4 different cameras, a few different microphones, multiple lighting setups, multiple stage areas including with a green screen.

I have watched countless videos on best practices, how-tos, and equipment reviews.

Stats -

10 separate videos.

2 were simply cut shorts from longer videos, 5 total vertical short form.

9677 views over YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels

9204, 97% of these views have come from short form, vertical video.

8 YouTube followers, 1 TikTok Follower, 1 Instagram follower, 10 Twitter followers

128 likes across all video platforms

Here’s what I’ve learned — Being a content creator is about more than the content. To start off by yourself there are multiple jobs that need to be done to be successful.

Tech. You need to get the equipment, set it up, use it, edit videos, post them.

It’s about the community. Managing socials

You need to be the script writer, actor, and director.

It’s not all about the equipment. Start with what you’ve got, and grow from there.

First, just to see if you like it, see previous point about all the jobs.

Second, if you’re posting vertical short forms, really all you need is a phone.

Goals for the next month — Even more types of content

Interviews, collabs

Research and start working on how to gain followers, not just views.

Full Video Here:

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Camera: DJI Osmo Pocket —
Webcam: Logitech C920 —
Microphone: Audio-Technica ATM510 — Soundboard: Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX —
Lights: SAMTIAN LED Video Light —

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